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05 Sick Of You

This Wretched Vessel

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A song to myself. I’ve often felt like an unnecessary appendage in the circles I end up in. I’ve had some real crazy experiences in my life, and I tend to exaggerate to try an instill the grandness I felt in each story. Sometimes, I’m annoying and I don’t know when to shut up. In hindsight, I think if I paid more attention, I’d even annoy myself. Shut up dude. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Hooray. The end. You did it. Now treat yourself to something special, like a good cup of coffee. That’s what this album is missing. A coffee song. Oh, wait.

Yeah, there was supposed to be one more tune that was sort of Descendents/ ALL sounding. In my moving tracks around in my session, I got it all screwed up to the point that it wasn’t useable. Go listen to Coffee Mug instead.

Thanks for listening, and if you’re seeing this, reading too. Reading is important. Too many people focus on the headlines and miss out on the joy that is in the details.

Life isn’t highlights, it’s in the details. The mess sucks sometimes, but without valleys, mountain tops wouldn’t be impressive. Maybe if I squeezed in a slow song, the faster ones would seem to have more energy? Oh well. Until next year.

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Enjoyed this immensely.

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