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Game Passage (with Norm)

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I’ve been really into soundtracks for the past few days, especially those for action games and the notion of having a static, subtle track run over unpredictable game actions and still making the whole thing work.

So this was made with that in mind. The percussion is Norm’s amazing track Groove For Saint Ambrose here (

Basically, tried to emulate 1) A stealth sequence -> 2) accidentally alerting the enemy, ala caution mode, 3) foreboding realization/limited time frame and 4) completion. Norm’s percussion gives it a jungle type theme I guess, and also brings a conflict to the song (similar to trigger sounds in games over a static track).

Hopefully I made some sort of sense here.

Also kept the volume low cause I feared I would lose the impact if I compressed too much.

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Norm said

Strong work!

Guest said

Have just been listening to this on *small voice* another site... :) Love the percussion and the tension in the rising arrangement. The windchimes(?) at the end are a magical, rejuvenating touch. Very expressive and original. Great track.