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Linear Lifestyle (Demo)

Trevor Lewis

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“Linear Lifestyle”

You can build a life
or you can tear one down
You can spend all your time
just hanging around

The Great Pyramid
is made of blocks
Do you measure yourself
by the tick of a clock?

Time is not a line – it’s a dot!
Forever exists in a single spot
You’re so hung up on where you’ve got
But life is more than a pedantic plot

In your dreams do you scour the ocean floor?
Is your life a long quest to find a trap door?
Do you fall asleep before you turn the page?
Do you yearn to return to a bygone age?

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Dave Berry said

great track. I need to spend some time over here. I really like your voice on this one. It sounds good when you sing it hard like this.

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cuthbert said

One of my favorites. Really enjoyed working with you on this, Trevor!

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Figblots & Chylum said

Really like your singing, my favorite sort of vocalist, devoid of pretension with an amazing ability to get across complex ideas in a simple and direct way

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