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My Love Belongs To You

Trevor Lewis

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“My Love Belongs To You”

I may not know what I want to wear
or the best way to style my hair
I don’t know where I want to live
but I do have a lot of love to give
I don’t have many answers in life
but there’s one important one I do
and that’s that my love belongs to you

Where do we come from?
Where are we going?
The questions never stop when it’s sunny or snowing
How do we solve the economy?
To whom belongs the forbidden tree?
As I ponder all my life through
you can know with a certainty
that my love belongs to you

So many times when I look in your eyes
it melts my heart and it simplifies
what to decide and what matters in life
deserve to be prioritized
No matter what we choose to do
I know together we will be happy
because my love belongs to you.

Message She Gave's avatar
Message She Gave said

the lyics in this song are right on, keep it up man

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odh said

Wow, Trevor, you have a happy side! Did you see that film Juno? This would fit right in. Great work.

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Cave Street said

Dig the double vocal. Catchy tune, Trev! Reminds of the Ween 4track days.

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