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Improvisation By Roeleke On The Wersi Atlantis


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From: youtubechannel RoelekesPlace | Made: 25 feb 2011

Have to find out some more about my organ. So I gave it a try once more. And ofcourse had to play with the video of the organ and me playing on it.
I hope you like it.

Also I love to play with video, so I will put the link of the video here too!

The audio here is a little louder than in the video.

Guest said

Lovely music Roeleke!

Larry Toropin's avatar
Larry Toropin said

I like it! I wish I can compose something like this... Larry

Guest said

nice, refreshing like a walk in the park on a sunny beautiful day or maybe even picnic.

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Andrew Russe said

Well, this might have been a beautiful start to the day for Leo... but for me it's been a pretty good start to the early evening after a hard day at work! It's uplifting and relaxing at the same time - it was perfect to shake off the burdens I'd brought home... they seem to be gone now :)

Guest said

Wow, one of my favourits! Really love this improvisation. A beautiful start for a new day!

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