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A Song for the Twilight (May18th1978)


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This was my sophomore year final project when I was a classical guitar major for two years of my life. I managed to sneak in my strat in this though :-)

For Bass vocal / speech contrabass bowed and used as percussion, piano, electric guitar.

I’m planning, I hope to play as much as I can in the future - but since I didn’t get to hear it properly back then I made this mock up now that I can get an approximation to the voice. If you do not like contemporary (really in this context mid-20th century) classical music I doubt you will like this. I was very much in a “good music has angst” period of my life.

The dark of the night
With silence

Washes our hurt
Numbs our defeat

restrained violence, marks our days with arrogant conceit and destructive ways

And day only maddens
At the coming of the night
And night only saddens
At the coming of Light

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jimgoodinmusic said

It's like an art song or something from a modern opera Chris! Well done!

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thetworegs said

Is that Paul Roberson that’s one hell of a voice

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Newbold said

oh gosh that is way intense ... I really like songs like this..

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