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And War Itself Shall End


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Year: 1983

Land of the Lost

Artist’s description:
Music Concrete
This was recorded/performed in 1983
I used reel-to-reel and cassette and LP records and a HP-85 with 16k of ram, custom HP 8bit CPU @ 0.613MHz, running a BASIC program I made, recorded at the lab at work.

Probably most noteable for being so old and crude.
And perhaps the nuclear explosion towards the end.

Hewlett-Packard who unwittingly placed a reasonable sound interface on a scientific personal computer that was -supposed- to be acquiring data from a gas chromatograph.

Various effects records and a JFK speech.

nuclear annihilation

  • they want us to think the threat is over……
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Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said

I like this for so many reasons.

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Norm said

This is a true piece of history, in more ways than one!

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