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last time ever


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I literally destroyed the whammy recording this.

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spacehoers said

The whammy did not die in vain.

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Brett Warren said

Some heavy metal ambient right here. If the aliens ARE listening I'm sure this reached them.

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Newbold said

minute 5.5 still hear the first note played ,, it is there ,,, in the infinite loop of loops.. going some of this , most of this ,,, has a liquid type flow to these sounds.. yeah I think by about minute 7 it all fades into a new,,, or a total reset of the echo work.. === thank you chris I am actually glad I went thru the list of songs that were made last week ,,, specially before we start a new week. ---Oh dag this end .. ,,, doesn't leave space for the totally ,, like echo motions that are ,,, so perfectly placed.

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