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Corner of my Window

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This was my first ever experiment with Garage-band on my mac. Layer after layer of voice and viola. It’s kind of about how one tries to move forward after the death of a loved one. There’s some indefinable point when, instead of crying every time you think about having lost that person, you smile about having had them in in the first place.
Hope you like it. Lyrics below.

Corner of my Window (Vlad & Me - 2011)

Sun it’s risin through the corner of my window
catches my eye through the corner of my window
there’s a photo in the corner of my window
faded by the light that’s in my window and I
Think of all those happy good times i had with those
people livin in the corner of my window
that’s the only place they be now cos they moved from
this life to the next and now I sit and sigh and

cry Whoa
cry whoa
lala etc etc

Stumble outta bed and throw some clothes on for the
sun’s deceptive it made me forget that it is
cold and that is how I wish I’d be cos then
perhaps it wouldn’t hurt so much when I look up and

see them there
I wish my heart was cold
So very cold

I take the photo off my window and I go to
put it in a drawer and hesitate cos when I
think about it cold is naught but lack of heat and
to feel no pain means to feel no joy and I guess
I’ll just have to toughen up and learn that when I
reminisce that I can either sit and sigh and

cry Whoa
or sit and sigh and smile
I think I’d rather smile
So I do.

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thetworegs said

Dam got to got out but i will be back...i'm feeling soothed...Thank you

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