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08 Sun On Snow

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An ebow strained thru octave pedal and pitch shifter.

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iconoclast said

Beautiful, Kavin. I ;ove the way things meld here. Leads the mind off and away. And yes, I guess that would be voices from Dreamtime. Although I did mix cultures (Australian/ Native American). But that would be me all over!

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Home Grown String Theory said

And this one makes me think of Adrian Legg!

Guest said

Very well played!

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Lil' mar mar said

nice texture.

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dressing the debutantes said

another good one. hearing some robert fripp/brian eno influence.

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Johnny Stone said

Brilliant mate.

Guest said

pure greatness!

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another cultural landslide said

Ok Kavin. KUDOS to you! Love the strings :) w;-)

Guest said

I'm too old for technical jargon but it sounds great to me.

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mmi said

That's an awesome sound! Raised the bar for sure.