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Entry for Zan’s Current Events Compo 2010 on Trax in Space. I was inspired by the news of the solar transit of Space Shuttle Atlantis and the International Space Station on may 16. It was covered in global media, and what really sparked my interest was Thierry Legault’s incredible photograph of the space shuttle ready to dock at the ISS, in magnificent silhouette against the sun disc.

I had been wanting to use the solar sounds compiled by Alexander G. Kosovichev of Stanford University in an ambient track for ages, and here was the chance I was looking for! These drones run through the track from start to finish.

This very Jarre-like ambient and relaxing composition is best enjoyed, I suspect, with headphones and eyes closed. As I tend to do, I added lots of little details as a reward for the active listener. Any and all feedback, criticism and reviews is, as usual, encouraged and very welcome.

Thierry Legault’s photography: http://www.axilone.com/legault/iss_atlantis_transit_2010.html
A. Kosovichev’s solar sounds: http://soi.stanford.edu/results/sounds.html

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