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My Butterfly


Uploaded .

“My Butterfly” was recorded and mixed very quickly from 5/7/23 to 5/11/23, for May’s 30 Day Songs challenge (

“My Butterfly” was also submitted to May’s REM Challenge (via RPM Challenge).

“My Butterfly” written by W. Ng.

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Anton Samford said

I am also a fan of basically taking another song and turning it into your own song. Good idea and good job!

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A Beautiful Scene said

The juxtopation of these two songs is perfect, the ugliness of the first intro of harsher nature into a neatly wrapped tune of beautiful melody. Coming into My Butterfly that feels like something Smith should have done in the first place. The completion of the thought from old to new is a wonderful idea. Great job Wilsun! --- *SORRY! *DR* Wilsun!

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