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Iris Florentine - album version

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This is the finished version of Iris Florentine. The acoustic version is still up, though…

Iris Florentina

by Jack Merlot

copyright 2009 all rights reserved

young and lovely, with a wise patina
tapping her toe like Degas’ ballerinas
swinging her hair in a golden braid
stealing glances through the window shade

danced ’til dawn to the concertina
drank the Nectar of sweet Florentine
light of dawn in the colonnade
shone upon the sweet young maid

Iris, oh my sweet Iris
What was it that brought you here?
Iris, oh my sweet Iris,
Now, don’t you shed a tear

Iris, oh my sweet Iris
The partridge and the pear
Iris, oh my sweet Iris
You are a vision so fair

in the early morn I took a peek
at golden braids and violet shawl
spellbound, found I could not speak
such did her beauty so enthral

my words could never quite embrace
with pen & ink I must recall
every movement, every grace
or I may never speak at all

Iris, oh my sweet Iris
Please come and sit for me
Iris, oh my sweet Iris
I will draw you by the sea

Iris, oh my sweet Iris
Join me at the ball
Iris, oh my sweet Iris of the
Summer, Spring and Fall

Greetings & Salutations to Tina Lyons.

Special thanks to Mr. Pibb.

Guest said

Witness protection is a gem imo! You could sell out arenas on the basis of that 1 song

Gumbo's avatar
Gumbo said

cool - i don't think i'd heard this version - there's a lovely lilt to your melody

christopher t nickey's avatar
christopher t nickey said

sorta like tom waits meets jonathan richmond....damn good stuff!

tim mcfate's avatar
tim mcfate said

great bass sound. singing like a girl is a strenght not weakness. you dont really sound like a girl. i think what you are afraid of is being emotional a girl. please that is so much better than the alternative. be happy tim