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Shadow Broker Currency || Jack Merlot & World War Nine

World War Nine

World War Nine

Shadow Broker Currency

Vocals : Jack Merlot
Sampling : Ake Kappatsu
Drums : Miroslav Doppelbock

— * — * — * — * — * — *

So, I know you don’t really know me
now do ya
But I say this non-sarcastically
straight to ya
I am not afraid of all your lies
I knew ya
Back before the one named dragonfly
outgrew ya

Now, I’m straight up sippin’ turtle mochas
With the ones they call the Shadowbrokahs
This one, he’s still sippin’ Hennessay
While that one’s straight up dissin’ da NSA

Wild nights, layovers, redeye shifts
Childish, do-overs, Jedi mind tricks
All this, might I add, where does it end
When zero-days are all I have to spend

I get a text from DoubleFantasy
Buddy, it’s too late for your enigma
Yeah, you may guess my Secret Santa key
But Shadowbrokers trashed your old Six Sigma

As you had cried out, This Is Blasphemy
Workin’ through your double, triple, grayfish fantasy
Fancy me, I guess I should have asked, please pass the glassine entity
back to me; Can’t you see, we’re smoulderin
we’re shoulderin’, these boulders are immune to me, and it’s colder than
That cold shoulder, Sistah Soldier
Frontline facedown / sniffin’ clover

I guess they’re getting used to me /
and my bad habits / dirty birdies /

descending, better nesting, flirty, ascending
testing out security
guessin’ at the purity / tattoos of a fleur de leis
blessings shown to be computer crash
messing with my shells, my csh

Open up a shell in bash
waiting for the drive to crash
could have made a gallant dash
straightup pimp, Adobe Flash

— * — * — * — * — * — *

Copyright 2017 Jack Merlot & World War Nine

All Rights Reserved

— * — * — * — * — * — *

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Wow…wow…wow!!! This is awesome! Your creating again!

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