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Zero Incentive and the Bluffs

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Glitter and unicorns destroyed my recording device. I used an Ipad from a friend and used garageband to record the whole album with a cheap $5 microphone.
I could have done it on my Iphone as well but my eyes aren’t what they used to be… the screen size may have caused me to give up….

  • Disclaimer: I understand that most of the songs on this album are pitchy and hard to listen to. I recorded all of the vocals on Feb 27 and 28th as single takes. Most of them stream of conscience nonsense.
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will of the sun said

Listened to the whole album; strong melodies, great vocal range. You did all this in two days? Could've fooled me. I get the setup isn't what you would've liked, but I think the whole thing sounds brilliant. Lo-Fi/DIY/what-have-you, I love the simplicity, rawness, spontaneity of it all... and of course, the meta-ness too. Great album title, BTW.

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