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A Salty Christmas Medley

Robert Palomo

Ahoy, shipmates, it’s that there time of year again, when yer ready to hang over the lee rail on account of all them insipid Christmas songs they’ve been blatting at you everywhere you turn ever since Halloween, if not before.

Well, I’ve got an antidote: 6 of the top offenders re-imagined as if they’d been composed by salty old sea dogs of yesteryear - only a lot less rude. (Yeah, I reigned in my proclivities for bad language for this occasion.)

Whatever and however be your observances during this season of the year, may they bring you relief. Have a good time. Stay out of jail.

P.S. If you find this track offensive and blasphemous, please know that others of your ilk have already informed Jesus. My place in Hell has been reserved and no further action on your part is required.

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