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Earth and Sky

Day 13

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Can you see the morning light?
Grey skies turning blue
Welcome to the new sunrise
It’s all waiting for you

The sun glows hot, majestic Red
As it shines for you
How fast the days, all go by
When you’re no longer in your youth

Such a strange and different time
Believing in your dreams
Feeling every day go by
Each a gift it seems

As the sun, comes to life
Cresting the horizon
You can see where earth meets sky
As another day begins

Waiting, day after day
Watching the world go by
Feeling one with the universe
As the earth and sky collide

Can’t wait to fade away
Seems I never knew
Being one who spends the days
I’ve had the best of views

Can you feel, the earth go round?
Round and round the sun
Shadows mix upon the ground
Earth and Sky become one

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Andrew Russe said

An excellent set of tracks... work Zoom meetings kept interrupting my enjoyment, though!!

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