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Love is Just a Game

Day 13

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The other day you came to play
On your own, and then you
Made up your mind that love was blind
You’d take what you could find

I knew by the way that you looked at me
I’m in trouble deep
Did you think that I couldn’t see?
Love was on your mind

And now love has got you down upon your knees
You didn’t know what it would take, to see

Didn’t count on what you had believed,
And oh how could you
You couldn’t ever have conceived
Love would let you down, down

When I first met you, you were strong,
High and mighty
Didn’t take too long to learn about
How low you could be

You didn’t think that love would be so out of reach
You didn’t know how far you’d go, to see

So after all this time being wild,
Wild and free, you
You might want to try and settle down
Well, I’m still waiting…on

And who’s to blame for all the pain
The pain inside you
And then it finally came to you,
Love is just a game…

You never felt that love was ever guaranteed
It only took a little time… to see

Guest said

I love the intro!

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Lane Sullivan said

Has a sort of Tiger Army vibe to it and I love it.

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