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01 The Inner Makings

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Waldo meets Carmen in a cafe in a small town. Waldo has never left the town he grew up in and she seems very worldly. This attracts him instantly.

What am I waiting for
I’ve opened up the door
Hey, I feel, something come over me
I’ve never seen anyone like you
I can feel your heart beat across the room
I know you feel mine too

And now I know
What i couldn’t find before
If you ask me tonight
What I feel inside
Nothing compares
I want you in my life

What can I wish for
You are my only dreams
Hey, I feel something inside of me
I’ve never wanted anyone before you
I can see you hiding from across the room
And I know your searching too

I know I’m wondering too
If these are the inner makings of love
I hope your still here when
I figure out I’m not cut for this at all.

but you, can pull me through

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wilsun said

I love the premise of this project! Sweet and catchy chorus and melody. The "I want you in my life" part just seems so honest and heartfelt.