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08 Everything In Nothing

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Waldo is using clues left behind from Carmen to find where she went next. From how she exchanged her money to the literature she picked up. He is hoping to catch up to her soon.

I’ve been all over the world
In hopes to find you
I’ve carried on myself, Unbelievably
and it’s all for you

I can take, it all in
All the places that I’ve never been
I’m following you
While you search for me
I can’t wait till I catch up

I thought I had caught up with you in Seoul
But I had just missed you
You tipped the barista in Lira
So I traveled to Istanbul

We could make a game of this
Trying to track you down
While you, search for me
In a crowded tourist town
If I only remember where I said I’d go
I would meet you there