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06 Somehow we'll See each other Again

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Waldo had only made it to the train station be realizing he couldn’t leave. Not just because of fear, but also because he didn’t want to leave Carmen.

Unfortunately, his timing was terrible. She had already found his note and took off after him.

Since he knew she would not find him out in the world, he knew he would have to begin the search for her.

Feel the heart in my chest growing tight
I feel the air in my lungs Fillin up to speak tonight
You’ve already made your mind to say
You’ve been thinking about how to get me to stay

I want you right here
There’s nothing to fear when I’m with you

You never expected me to get this far
You know the wait is over now
I don’t know why it took so long
I know it’s hard, I know how hard

I came home just to find your words
You thought I was brave enough to leave on my own
Oh god I miss you tonight
I know must go after you

I didn’t think you woud beleive
You know I am so sorry
I can’t with live without you so I will get out there
and find you looking for me