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Or HaOlam

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I originally recorded this track to test out settings on my EHX Grand Canyon delay/echo/looper in 2020. In late 2021, I had Jasper Guitar Company, LLC do a custom build for me that was a combination of their Olam and Deja VuDoo models. I call it the Or HaOlam (that’s Hebrew for “Light of the World”).

The build was captured on video and in photography from day one to completion. A backing track was needed for the video and I went through my ideas archives to see if anything would fit. I came back to this piece of music since it was short and I could easily adapt it to what we needed.

Most of the guitars on the original were replaced by new parts played on my new Jasper Olam. I can’t say enough about this axe from its tone to its looks to its feel. This became my number one guitar instantaneously.

You can check out the video of the build here:

Written and recorded by Project X
Lead and rhythm guitars: Jasper Olam Custom
Rhythm guitar: Fender Stratocaster
Bass: either a Fender P-bass or Music Man Sting Ray 5 (I don’t recall which!)
Drums: programmed in Logic Pro X

Paul Hanna: Videography, lighting, photography, editing, mixing, and mastering.

Check out Jasper Guitar Company, LLC at

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Wrinkled Shirt said

"Light of the world" Hebrew is a distant 2nd language but still familiar.

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Wrinkled Shirt said

The bass is so smooth on this one. Well done!

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