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I recorded the vocals on this about 14 years ago. An amazing pianist friend of mine from Europe, G.Longabardi, played the piano. Jonathan Sacks from California flew to Texas to co-write the music. If you’re out there somewhere Jonathan, contact me here. I can’t find you.

Guest said

Yes they were recorded in Thailand at the ceremony. It was recorded with a video camera so I just stripped the audio out. I can upload the video to my profile later if you want to see it.

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richardlaceves said

very nice,, i was just listen and reading your sign in "from as far back as birth and proud of it" gave me a slight happy laugh,, i lived in Del Rio for a year... i am not a Texan but i can appreciate your feelings,, also a very cool song

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Jason Earls said

nice one.

Guest said

By the way, welcome to Alonetone, great to have you aboard. You have such a lovely voice.

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