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Under The Osaka Sky [bal musette]

Alister Flint

Uploaded .

photo & artwork by GMO.

(if you want to know more about musette musics src.wikipedia)

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Movement To Contact said


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Nøstalgia said

Osaka is in japan nu? but this sounds french

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Wildgeas Music said

Well, that's pretty neat!

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Alister Flint said

thank you all! it's more a wink, done under the form of a parody, at some old times and genre from the 19th century, born in Paris; and certainly fun to do! @ Norm: if you're as bad dancer as me, i feel sorry for her feet :p @ Richard: actually, no synth used here, only sf2 and FL studio. with a very light mastering.

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richardlaceves said

very interesting,,, thanks for the link,, i see that the musette is an instrument similar to hurdy gurdy or bagpipe,, what i read is quite interesting i assume this is synth? if so which are you using?? im on my 4th listen,, it's a fun piece.. well done Richard

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Norm said

Ooo-la-la! Fantastique! Me rend souhaitez aller danser avec ma femme!

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vaisvil said

Awesome!!! This is so perfect!

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