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IT Lives Afterhours [RPM]

Contrast to “Adrift In The Enigma Shift” from RPM 2010..

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facemask93 said

Very nicely produced track , dripping with so many tasty sounds , love it

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Al's left hand said

Also, I definitely recommend checking out the Gormenghast novels if you have some time on your hands. They could be described as “fantasy novels”, set in a medieval castle lost to time… but they have a Kafka-esque sense of the absurd and a sort of social commentary perhaps informed by the search for meaning after the horrors of World War II.

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Al's left hand said

That part at the beginning reminds me of my friend who is an excellent saxophonist. In our college bands he had a few parts that were wild like that and really threw himself into them.

I’m really enjoying the album. You make great sounds, and melodies out of them! Congrats on another RPM finished!