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So Tied By The Lies [RPM]

Sometimes it’s easier to run with the flawed routines we’re familiar with than to turn over a new leaf..

Compare to “Firecracker” and “Livewire” from RPM 2010 and 2009 respectively.

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Xerophyll said

I always wanted to do something that sounded like this. Sounds awesome!

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G-no said

Interesting,saw you hit on one of my tunes but hearing this I think you’d find Awakenings and Morning Prayer a better suit.These two songs and I have a few more are unrehearsed unplanned and totally spontanious, from one single improvised session. I know it’s rough and primitive however it was picked right out of the cosmos

Guest said

very clever.

Guest said

Trademark dreamy, alluring sounds from AMUC. Excellent album, guys! Every track sounds like a cityscape from underwater - sometimes edgy, sometimes sunny, but always cool, refreshing and totally original.

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Rob and Laura said

Just listened to the whole thing. Terrific album. Great job this year!

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Andrew Russe said

Really enjoyed this - not my usual kind of thing at all, but there’s something in it that grabbed my attention. I’ll check some more of your stuff out.

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Rob and Laura said

Great work on the album. It took me places that I didn’t expect, and which I greatly enjoyed being taken to. Serious congratulations are in order.

Guest said

interesting trip

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Vestigial Remorse said

I really like this… outstanding job :)