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Unscheduled Multiversal Downtime

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Even the cosmos needs system maintenance. When its IT department decides to delete something, sometimes that something doesn’t want to go without a fight. Even computer viruses will do what they can to avoid the reaping hand of a virus checker.

This was a challenging track to record. At first, I thought it was too loud - then not loud enough. I was using a random element which didn’t always do the same thing either.

I’ll probably re-upload this one a few dozen times. (Who’s down with OCD?)

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World War Nine said

This Cloud Operation has been isolated by a network technician as being antithetical to the needs of the Cloud Services team.

Dave Berry's avatar
Dave Berry said

You got any good theories on what “Lost” was supposed to really be about. You seem to have some kinda deep insight here with your music. I like it.

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Circuit Tree said

i’m supposed to go practice guitar, but i can’t stop listening to this album. it’s captivating.

 ShamPain's avatar
ShamPain said

flange me baby, yeah. very original like it