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wave of destruction

another cultural landslide

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ShamPain said

very cool sounds

ic42 said

it is music of slowly building power. the strings cry real tears. 0x0

kirklynch said

I gotta go back and listen to more of your back catalog!! You guys are masters at arrangement!!

Guest said

Absolute class.

Richard Hardrick said


Chris Decato said

Nice!! easy to find great stuff that you’ve made… I dig!

Guest said

Hahahaha! Quite a queue forming! (Me too.)

Guest said

I second Sidedown’s sentiment. I want to sing this song too!! - John LaSala

kavin. said

Thanks yawl.
Glad we’re on the same “wave"length!

I so love Fred & Ethyl but WOD is the new favorite!

Guest said

This one always makes me sing! Love it major. If you ever want to do a vocal version, just let me know ;)

Guest said

Love it, Guys! Tralalalalalala!!

Sudara said

What a great build up this track has. Nice strings

Sudara said

Together, this album is an amazing piece of work, and especially so for a 30 day adventure. Congrats again, and looking forward to listen to your new stuff.

Skidoo! said

Dig :)

Guest said

Captivating stuff! Congratulations on a truly interesting album- Eviction PArty

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