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About "John Capulator"

Please also listen to the first part of this track, “Man of the morning fog”.

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John Capulator is a comics character drawn by my uncle. This is his own description of JC:

well first we must know what John Capulator actually is: he is fear, trouble, uncontrolled emotions, uneasiness, violence and much more like tht tht live in every humn being, if u dont have this all in u - John cant harm u, its the only weapon against him - to go deep in yourself and to get rid of the fear and its offsprings like being dumb, being antgonistic n so on and on and on. now, most people, almost all of us dont go for learning it all, thats why we have fear, thats why some are afraid of the Devil, some of Mara. i prefer to call this something John Capulator, and, unlike Mara or Devil he shows up, he has red hair and droplet-shaped glasses, he wears turtle-neck, he doesnt hate or feels like killing, he is just after the people that cant save themselves from themselves

This song represents some random scenes from the comics, a man watching routine news on tv, a guitarist from funeral band playing by himself after the job on cemetery, a woman crying in her room over her losses, John Capulator being unavailingly chased by the police. This is my attempt to make a music with comics structure, divided into scenes etc.

Lyrics is also written by my uncle, goes like:

Breathe in deeper
Your lifeline rots
Your stronghold’s bled
So march in step with us
Just march and watch your stride
We are glad to walk this path at last
Straight path to suicide

Every act here’s cApulating
Every move you make is wasted
All the dreams and all the hopes
Will turn to pulp
And there isn’t much of variety:
The shifting sands are sucking us in
We are part of consumption society
Learn to like it, you might,
you will

For the time is up
And your life is done
Capulator’s fist shoves you into ground
He will fuel up tight your hate,
Well, of course, you deserve your fate
Deserve your fate.

Special thanks to users Ionizing, CorsicaS, bulbastre, fuzzpapi, THE_bizniss and others for great samples.

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