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Johnny Stone said

Brilliant and spooky great track mate excellent mix. Dig it muchly.

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Wildgeas Music said

That's FN cool man, tastefully spooky. I love it........

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pratikjointone said

very nice , ... . . .amazing,

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Backyard Ghost said

Thanks So Much For Your Supportive And Kind Comments!

Guest said


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Backyard Ghost said

Thank You All For The Kind And Spirited Comments,I Am Honored! J.K

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kirklynch said

Downright eerie! I'm going to find some place to hide now!

Guest said

Absolutely Beautiful!

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launched said

I was chilled to the bone - Awesome!

Guest said

Awesome!!!!!! I love the dark sounds you make. Down right creepy as hell, but so great! I would hate to be victoria!