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An Autumnal Immanence

Backyard Ghost

Backyard Ghost Featuring Dr.Gloom

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Backyard Ghost said
vaisvil said

Your mind sounds as if it is possessed by Vlad III the Impaler. Do you make Halloween CDs? If not you should!

vaisvil said

Yes, the Peanuts gang contracted STD’s. So much for innocence.

Guest said

great track!

vaisvil said

love the effects in here.

Guest said

Wow, beautiful!

Johnny Stone said

Great mix mate very cool. Brilliant track.

Guest said


Wildgeas Music said

The whole change of mood is excellent. Great FN production gents.

Wildgeas Music said

Seriously, well done.

Wildgeas Music said

Kinda makes me believe there really is something living behind the furnace.

the spirit dies said

dr gloom should be happy :) or less gloomie ;)

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