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The First Thing

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I don’t know why, but this morning when I woke you were the first thing that I thought about.
After all this time, I must be crazy to still think of you.
So tell me how can I move on when I’m stuck inside the past? Still thinking of what we had.
Supposedly it’s better to have loved and lost but I’m not seeing it.

When I hear your song I can go back in a second. I almost can’t resist it, that’s how strong the memory is.
It’s peculiar how things pale these days when compared to then.

So why did we change? What made us drift apart.
I can’t say.
Maybe time’s to blame or maybe there was never a good reason in the first place.
We failed to appreciate what we had.

So here I sit, writing you a letter. I had to share this revelation while it’s still fresh in my head.
Leaving you was stupid. There, I said it. I wonder if you’ll believe it?
I thought I could do better. What an amateur mistake.

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corbinSound said

just rockin dude :)

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520 said

damn man... you should be having a record deal by now :)

Guest said

:) Yes, you totally should. Brilliant stuff!

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Rick Phillips said

I think you should quit your day job, Good stuff!