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The Day that funk was born a collab with Osckilo and Dave Berry & Thetworegs

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This was a collab i heard today on Songcrafters and was wondering wether to ask to have a go at it vocally when Tharek sent me message asking me to have a go so Thanks Tharek and Dave, i am more than pleased to give it a go. i loved this music from the first note so here it is……..Hope i’ve done the music Justice………………….

The Day that funk was born (Lyrics)

Joshua was a man just like you and me
Joshua didn’t believe, so God set him free
He wandered into the desert and the devil took his hand
And made Joshua join his funk band
then they danced and they sung
They made the Devil come again and again
it was crazy
it was bizarre
the devil knew that funk was born
they turned it up loud
they turned him up they turned him down
The Devil knew funk had been found

The Devil was never going to set him free
But Joshua just said ok
If you want me to stay and play then thats what i’ll do today
i know now i’ll never want to go
i want to play in the morn
i want to play in the night
i want to touch the dawn with that music of the night
yeah the funk is born now let the funk play now the funk is born

Sweet funk could be heard through hell, it was so loud
The Devil heard the music and the world it turned
The world was turned on and the funk was heard
yeah everyone danced and the world was a blur
oh it funked
yeah it funked
oh it funked

Joshua was a man, who’s just like you and me
Joshua he did not know, he did not believe
So God set him free
So God kicked him out
And he wandered the desert to find out what it was all about

The Devil took his hand
his mind and his brain
and the music from his mind and the funk was soul
The devil yes he danced to the music as it played
and the funk was born
it was the music joshua played
oh he played and he played he played
he played and played

The Devil heard the music it was the music of his dreams
The Devil was now to never set him free
So poor old Joshua plays there to this day
he entertains the Devil and the funk it plays
oh it plays
Yeah it plays

Guest said

Great collab guys

520's avatar
520 said

sounds like the classic rock bands i used to listen to...ahh the good old days :) thanks for reminding me :P

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A Bit More Better Productions said

hot rats-tastic!!! brilliant vocal. great track

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Johnny Stone said

Excellent collab great vocals mate very cool track.

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vaisvil said

awesome!!! hell can't be so bad if its so funky ;-)

Guest said

That Devil's a real bad boy. Fantastic collab, guys!!

Guest said

Funky collab you guys! love it!

Guest said

Wow Regs, funking great track!

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

YEAH BABY!!! Thats the Funk !!!!

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Dave Berry said

Yeah Reg-man, I love it, great job on the fantastic vocals.

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c}{imps 8 my ears said


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Movement To Contact said