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Eternity Breathing Starshine (HPT062611)

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A live ebow loop thing.

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520 said

possibly one of the most atmospheric tunes i have come across in a long while. Having said that my Carbon Lifeforms CDs are gathering dust, might take them down in a bit :L

Guest said

compelling and deep.

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Basheer & The Pied Pipers said

Loving the stopping guitar sample in the start.

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kirklynch said

Very Nice !

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Norm said

Great fun!

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dougsparling said

Nice. Nothing like an Ebow and a looper.

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Newbold said

It is the universe that has become a multiverse.. again and as such has subdivided itselves, yet why we do not know this now, but then fires in the stars are alive and breathe the breath of light, or so they say.

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Johnny Stone said

Very cool mate excellent

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Djörk said

cool :)

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Movement To Contact said

I need an ebow....everytime i'm in a music shop and see one i almost buy it, then i think...when would i use it? The answer....when i need one LOL. I almost bought a loop pedal after listening to your cd's as well...if i had just a little extra cash i would have got it for next to nothing. Enough about that, this live ebow loop thing works good for me today.

Guest said

Very cool...May even have medicinal properties.

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Wildgeas Music said

I gotta get me one of these live ebow loop thingys.