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I called it this because that was the first thing that came into my mind when I played it back after writing it.

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Trevor Lewis said

Came back for another listen!

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Trevor Lewis said

Wow this keeps developing and taking unexpected turns like a high-speed chase through a year's worth of accumulated subconscious information.

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thelastbroadcaster said

This is very good, clever timing. It sort of reminds me of Liabach with glass voices, the drums loops are excellent. PS thank you for the comments T.L.B'r

Guest said

Great title for this track. Reminded me of a fairground - great energy and mix of sounds. I also use Ardour on Linux, there aren't many of us about. Welcome to alonetone!

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Galileo's Cough Drop said

Bits of this (starting like 1:30-ish) reminds me of some 8-bit chiptune stuff, style-wise. (Ever listened to Anamanaguchi?) Might be fun to try bitcrushing some of your parts to see if you dig that sound. But then again, I tend to favor grit over clean sounds when given the choice. The dissonant pad near the end (4:00-ish) seems to distract me a bit, mostly since the rest of the tune wasn't really dissonant. Feels like less dissonance there would be better, or more added elsewhere in the tune. ;)

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