26 tracks by Black Pepper Sea

Sentiments I think most of us feel at one time or another.
Many of the most harmful things seem small and/or innocuous.
I have a love for solid, well-crafted love songs. Unfortunately, that's not what you're going to get here!
Daft Punk and Wire hire Le Tigre for an homage to Bert Convy. And the password IS 'raincoat.'
The Creation meets The Three O' Clock meets (unwittingly) Oasis. I plunder shamelessly in a pair of striped trousers and mod 'target' t-shirt.
I'm really not this bleak... I was just looking for an excuse to use that VU/JAMC/The National drumbeat!
Lorelei reaches her breaking point after years of abuse — via a failed attempt at an homage to Ennio Morricone (had he been Mexican).
My opus. By far the longest song I've ever recorded. I tried to make it shorter, but it just didn't work. Sorry. :) "The Water-Carver" uses a sample from Stereolab's "Changer." (Gane/Sadier)
An older song that was originally inspired by Prefab Sprout's "Goodbye Lucille #1 (aka 'Johnny Johnny')" but has morphed into it's current state that's more influenced by Suicide and House of Love.
Additional vocal: Lisa Montgomery
Viola: Wayne Mehl
Backing vocals: Lisa Montgomery
A deceptively forceful song dealing with the death of my sister.
An older song from a previous band that was never quite captured to my satisfaction. I was going for very laid-back "Pale Blue Eyes" vibe.
An exercise in configuring sonic spaces - it was only later that I realized the scathing lyrics were self-directed.
An attempt to evoke images that weren't in the first-person. I tend to write in abstract fragments and this piece is no exception.
A song that ended up in an entirely different place than from where it began. It was meant to have a dark 'David Gray' kind of feel, but ended up being the love child of 'Love and Rockets' and 'Stars on 45.'
A song that really crept out of nowhere and one that I don't entirely understand its meaning. Some things in the song I can pinpoint the origin, but some I haven't a clue. I'm really happy with the way it turned out - semi-ok vocal and all.
Another song held over from my band days. Again, an attempted homage to the Velvets, but perhaps a little too shiny. I still plan to replace the cheesy 'solo' synth with glockenspiel somewhere down the line.
A song I wrote and recorded in one day (the day before the RPM Challenge ended, actually). I really stretched my abilities as a picker here (duff notes and all), but I shamefully admit I really like this song. A reminder to me of the strength…
A blatant attempt at exploiting the deep well of The Jesus and Mary Chain/Pixies/Raveonettes/House of Love. A lovingly loud, shiny and guitar-laden paean to those great bands.
A song I've had stored in my head for quite awhile, though never committed to tape (erm... binary code) - probably because I thought it was a bit simple and even trite. Having to come up with an album's worth of material in a month cured me of…read more
This song has been hobbling around half-written in my psyche for eons, and it took the RPM Challenge to finally finish it! Like many of my generation, my first peek into the world of women (and what they looked like under their clothes) was National…read more