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Black Pepper Sea

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The Creation meets The Three O’ Clock meets (unwittingly) Oasis. I plunder shamelessly in a pair of striped trousers and mod ‘target’ t-shirt.

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Gary Fox said

Simply brilliant.

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Letter Seventeen said

Just freaking brilliant.

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Gary Fox said

Great song Mr. Pepper Sea. One of my favorites.

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Dweeb said

This album is incredible. I'm thrilled to be reviewing this for the RPM challenge.

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Al's left hand said

This track reminds me of the New Pornographers more than anything. More cool sounds from one of the coolest sounding bands doing RPM.

Guest said

Just read the track description - perfect blend of sounds and GREAT outfit! This is an awesome (loud) track, love everything about it. Big fat fave.

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Cave Street said


Guest said

You guys continue to raise the bar...awesome!!!!

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Gumbo said

Dressed the part and perfectly plundered!

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