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An older song that was originally inspired by Prefab Sprout’s “Goodbye Lucille #1 (aka ‘Johnny Johnny’)” but has morphed into it’s current state that’s more influenced by Suicide and House of Love.

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richardlaceves said

also very good!!! you have a great sound/presentation

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am/fm dreams said

i love this song...gets me every time...

Guest said

Very well done.

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am/fm dreams said

I LOVE this album!!!! Smart lyrics, great melodies, beautiful songs.

Guest said

also, great lyrics....

Guest said

This song is Bowie fronting Animal Collective but completely different...

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Rob and Laura said

And YOU'RE BACK! This is so great: I love the pace of the build throughout, the lingering of the noise in the end fade. You had my favorite track of RPM 2009, and so far the favorite of 2010 (not that it's a contest).

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