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Blind Chaos 2011

blind chaos

jazzsequence - bass, mix mangler
daedae - spacey, acoustic guitar
Jahn - Electric Guitar Analog Effects
Commoner - Found and common percussion
jesmiaus - flpitchervocals
Uncle Tompa - Percussion and Ambient Synth
Ronny Wærnes - contact mic feedback
Kevyspice - drums
The Chaos Council - MicroMoog plus effects
ScottL - delay guitar
Minibar Madness - Ambient noise & sounds

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Will I Ram's avatar
Will I Ram said

well with that being said, I’m selling myself long tall and wide because I am very appreciative to be alongside such far out cool music on this blind chaos 2011. I really am loving all the delay guitars and what not. Awesome job folks.

jazzsequence's avatar
jazzsequence said

@Jesmiaus Don’t sell yourself short. This is the first year there’s even been anything remotely resembling vocals and I can’t really imagine them going on for 35 minutes in any form without making me want to drill my eyes out. What I liked about your autotuned thing was that it was so different than the typical BC fare which is why I gave it a prominent position right at the front of the track. I don’t think that Blind Chaos should be experimental just for the sake of being experimental – it’s all about how the different parts work together even though they’re recorded without listening to each other.

Will I Ram's avatar
Will I Ram said

@breaking light, I went into this blindly I didn’t even listen to last years or really knew too much about this project. I expect I’d do something more experimental next time. So I just recorded something I wrote on the spot with the “fruity loops pitcher”/autotune thing. Now I feel like I under did myself listening to the rest of the tracks. Oh well theres next year.

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Breaking Light said

Yeah this is really good, didnt care for the autotune thing at the beginning, tho.

angie fights crime's avatar
angie fights crime said

I’m a tool, I forgot all about this. Sounds GREAT!

A Bit More Better Productions's avatar
A Bit More Better Productions said

s'a bloody journey n a half this.. loving the sounds around the daddy bit. great drums too

Will I Ram's avatar
Will I Ram said

woooooah the world’s alive

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