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Bronc Riders Prayer

Bob Krouse

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An old Rodeo cowboy thinking about his life, and how he’ll get to the next Rodeo to maybe make some money.

I was traveling down the interstate and happened to look out my window. Just by chance this fellow in an old pickup truck passed us. In the front of his truck cab was his bucking rig. Everything just kind of fell into place.

My friend Skip Gosnell of N. Carolina played guitar on this. I was trying for a Marty Robbins style guitar in this song and I think Skip nailed it.

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Guest said

Well done, Bob. A friend passed your link on to a western forum we share. Glad he did! The best writing always comes from the heart, often from deeply personal experiences or deeply held beliefs. Ignore the critics and stay true to your art. Beau, Upper Mississippi Delta

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igor said

So beautiful americana here! Like it.

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You are truly gifted! Your parents must have been very proud of you! Joana

Guest said

Hi Bob! It is me Joana!

Guest said

Bob Krouse...You still alive? How in the heck R U ? It's been a long while. Bet U don't remember me. You still sound good...for am ole poot. Christine Allen-Holm

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