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WELL….I wrote this song waaaayyy back when.
I was NOT happy with the mix at all. BUT, all I had money for was a two track studio, AND ABOUT AN HOUR OF TIME.
A good music friend of mine said it reminded him of an old live radio show. Like when W.L.S. had live music back in the 30s’ and 40s’. I guess I can live with that. It made him happy.

Remember when there were Dime(10 cents) book Novels? They were all about you childhood heros. Buff. Bill Cody, Davey Crockett, catch my drift?
Well, we all grow up. Time changes places and things. Sometimes it is just nice to go back and relive our favorite dreams.

Guest said

This sounds great for only 2 channels! Do you remember when you sang "Operator" by Jim Croce for me at Lakelander's. I so loved ya then and still love ya now!

Guest said

oh yeah... i remember this one..

Guest said

My favorite!! Love this song.

Guest said

i love noise. when i record, i make no effort to restrict noise unless it overwhelms the actual musical point i'm trying to make. sometimes i record just noise. all that said, i think that in this track the noise lends to the point. you're recalling and celebrating a time in the past, and the noise is symbolic of that anchor you have to the past. ignoring the 'symbolic' tripe i just spewed, i have to say that the noise makes this song for me. if every one of your songs had this same recording quality i would download them all instantly and burn them just to drive to. the reverb on your voice is just right, and the bass in your voice is minimal, which gives your voice an entirely different personality. the ONLY problem i have with the recording quality is the way the bass fades in and out, as though it was heavily processed in an attempt to clean it up, or something. sorry, i know my feedback is super lame.

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kirklynch said

It does remind me of a live radio show- not a bad thing! I've read a million of those books!

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