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Going back to Chestnut drive To the country where you and I spent time Through the woods, the big front porch We would sit and watch the passing of the storm You remain fixed in time Fastened to a turning point in my mind Sometimes we…read more
Theres something I would share with you, if you ever asked me to. Perhaps it is a secret, perhaps you already know. Im not the boy you look for now, but I could change. Im not in love with myself, but I think I am with you. Lets find a road weve…read more
Lyrics and music by Brian Vaughn. Guest guitar solo by Karl Ridgeway (0:38 and 1:14). Lyrics: Oh little girl won't you tell me what you were looking for when you came to this place? You've got friends, but not many of them like to be seen. Oh…read more
None of us knows where we'll be tomorrow, Let alone 2 weeks from this date. Will I still be in this place? "It's okay", she says, "I'll definitely call you later." If I don't go and forget to, And if I'm still living here. Can we say we see a…read more
This weekend I was thinking about artists that I used to enjoy listening to in highschool. Toad the Wet Sprocket came to mind, and I thought it would be fun to cover one of their songs. I've always liked "Pray Your Gods" - even though the chorus…read more
Words and music by me. Lyrics: Love is trying to find a way around, Somebody else who's laying down, Right in the way of where I want to go. These words have many meanings. I'm not just walking blindly any more. And if you'd lend…read more
2nd song for the RPM challenge in 2012. As always, feedback is appreciated! Lyrics: Hold on little girl. Don't lose hope. Even though things seem so damn broken now, I want you to know that it gets so much better. My thoughts flow out, like…read more
New recording after being forced to take a few weeks off due to personal health issues. It's a little all-over-the-place (hence the name) but I'm excited to share it with you fine folks all the same. Special props to my buddy Karl Ridgeway…read more
Music and lyrics by me. Hope you enjoy. :) --- In time I'll fall apart, And you can watch it all with dried up eyes. Our life revolves around a worsening reflection of how helpless we are. Lights out. I don't want to talk about…read more
"No, just say it", she said. I'll give you something to smile about. I would fall into your arms, but since I can't I'm with someone else. Don't say it. Don't say it.. Love come back, I remember now, how it goes. I left my heart…read more
Testing out some new recording gear. This is a collection of riffs that I thought I'd turn into a kind-of-sort-of-song.
This is a cover of a wonderful song by Yoko Kanno, Steve Conte, & Shanti Snyder. Music by Brian Vaughn Vocals by Brian Vaughn and Stephanie Hossfeld-Downey
Lyrics and music by Brian Vaughn. Guitar co-written with Karl Ridgeway. I can feel her slowing down. She turns her head to me, and I know her mind. No words are said as I lay down. We'll be safe together here. It's all I have. Can't you…read more
Lyrics & music by Brian Vaughn. I could be the last one that you had. My mind is without conflict in only this. Will you think about these things when you lay in bed at night and fight for rest? Will you think about these things with…read more
"Covered and Marked" was co-written with my friend Gor Narang. Brian Vaughn: Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Strings Gor Narang: Drums, Guitar, Backup Vocals Lyrics for those who like them: Cold hands. I held them in. I gave you my warmth…read more
Lyrics and music written by Shohsei Oda. Guitar, Bass, & Vocals performed by Brian Vaughn. Drums performed by Shohsei Oda.
Music and lyrics by Brian Vaughn. I shouldn't have to say this, but I can't stand this silence. And I wonder if you know what i'm going through. It seems way too common for words and acts to disagree, But I expected more from you. I told…read more
Words and music by Brian Vaughn. Just repeat what they say to me. Assume I'll automatically agree, and I- You expect I'll nod my head, Or shut-up if I don't agree with We love inventing our dichotomies Who gives a shit about reality- When he…read more
Lyrics and music by Brian Vaughn. Love, love, love... Look up and down. There are shapes in the clouds, And ants on the ground who march in line, To the roots of a tree, Whose bark carries the name, Of a girl whose boy thought her worth…read more
Music and lyrics by Brian Vaughn. Lyrics --- Long time love always hit the road running. Got a hairpin trigger and a problem with drinking. You brought your mouth to a gun fight darling. Automatic mind got the last word coming around…read more
My first attempt (at least in several years) to write and produce an electronic song. Perhaps it's a failure, in that I ended up mixing my guitar and bass in pretty loudly, but I'm really happy with it none-the-less. It's catchy! Please enjoy…read more
I'm a long-time fan of Imogen Heap. I particularly love the way she layers her vocals- harmonies and interlocking bits. I love trying to do the same in my music, but she owns it. Anyway, I've been wanting to cover her for a while now but have…read more
This is my cover of "Blown Away" by Shiny Toy Guns: www.shinytoyguns.com If you like it at all, I recommend checking them out. They're great. All instruments, vocals, mixing, etc. performed by me. Lyrics, for those who like them: Days…read more
New original. I hope you find it enjoyable. And if you're willing to leave a comment, I'd love to hear your feedback. :) Lyrics, for those who like them: Grey fisted clouds in the sky. Plaid skirt and innocent eyes, And I am no longer sane…read more
My cover of an old 7 Mary 3 song. Hopefully a bit darker sounding than the original, and hopefully a bit more musically interesting. (Really enjoyed this song when I was younger, but it was a bit... plain.)
I don't know why, but this morning when I woke you were the first thing that I thought about. After all this time, I must be crazy to still think of you. So tell me how can I move on when I'm stuck inside the past? Still thinking of what we had…read more
Original song. Guitar, bass, and vocals performed by me. Drums programmed by me (Cubase + Steven Slate sample pack). Lyrics: My American guilt crouches in the corner. Watches me for hours without moving at all. Anorexic. Unapologetic…read more
Here's my version of Katy Perry's ET. Check out the video link for a live performance of sorts! All music performed by me and recorded in my home studio.
Cover of Lady Gaga's "Judas" Guitar and vocals by me. Drums and bass by Karl Ridgeway.
My cover "No Changes" by fellow RPM-challenger Angie Fights Crime. This is my first recording with my StingRay 4 (that I just purchased yesterday). Also my first recording using Recabinet 3 for guitar speaker simulation.
Given time, I'll bet that even if I let you go you'll come back to me. No one else is quite the same, Though I realize that's not always a bad thing. You know that it's wrong, To give it all you've got and still have nothing to show for…read more
I don't drive these streets anymore. It's just a waste of time to run from myself. And I don't daydream that you're coming back. Subtlety aside, you cut me right off at the knees. Though it's true I did survive the fall, I never was the…read more
You go and I stay. Almost like before, I think. Don't you notice now? Always I lag behind you. Stutter-step to notice me. Shyness looks at tennis shoes, Studies things you'll never see. Will you ever see me?
This is not a serious attempt at a song, it's just a dare. One of my coworkers challenged me to cover the Rebecca Black song and I like a good challenge.
Fast forward time, 9 years to the day, and I am in a check-out lane. You're standing there 3 or 4 feet away, pretending not to notice. You look so beautiful in the winter, Just like I remember. Nothing really changes when it comes to the…read more
Your love is like finger nails on a chalkboard Your love is like throwing myself overboard A breakdown on a motorway A heart attack on Christmas day Like scaling a cliff then falling off Like trying not to cough And I didn't see this one coming…read more
I'm a long time fan of Tegan & Sara. This is my cover of their song, "Are You Ten Years Ago?" --- lyrics If you show, you show. If you go, you go. (I'm taken. I am yours. I am up and doing circles.) I collapse. I might stay out longer…read more
Awoke tonight to realize that my girl had a broken heart, And like an image of me, she fell apart. You laid it all out on the line, another time. A shout out in the dark. And I should have come but it seemed too far at the time. In the end it…read more
Lack of self respect can blind, Lead to self destructive tendencies. But I am old enough to know this game. I cannot deny the truth to this. Still I... I've always recklessly believed that there was more to you than what they said you were. I…read more
With a new day comes new hope for tomorrow, It may be unfounded but it's all that we've got. So don't hide your eyes. No one's watching out for us. We're on our own, and we're all that we've got. In your shadow I am groping to find purpose. What…read more
If you've never been there, the how could you know? Funny you should mention faith, for mine has always been misplaced. A decade or more, and all I've learned couldn't fill these hands of mine. Couldn't fill this head of mine. If you've never…read more
Some may say that given time, every one messes up and thinks of no one else, Sins their sin, their selfish acts. But you I would have sworn were different, a faithful heart. Not without fault, but I never thought you would cut me like that. Some…read more
Both of us have made mistakes, I know I'm not so naive to think this is an empty canvas for me to paint my hopes on Even so, that doesn't mean there's no potential Even so, I'll still put myself on the line Just take it or leave it. This…read more
You'll find me there. Discover my smile. I'll be confused, and so will you, But it won't last for long. Because you and I were never meant for this place. Soon you'll see- We're better with wings. It's in the air, Reaching out for a hundred…read more
The past holds nothing for a man so proud. Nothing for a man like you. I feel like I haven't lived before tonight. That terrifies me. Would you like to take a walk or something? She keeps the truth held tight inside, but her eyes show.. something…read more
Hello stranger. I've been waiting with a compliment for you, In case it's something that you don't already know. Hello stranger. There is always something left unsaid. But just ask me and i'll tell you, though I don't even know your name. We…read more
It's all just a blur (since the time I last saw you) Eat, sleep, and dream, but I can't feel. I live in the past so that I won't forget a single thing. I wonder again if you ever miss me? I'd give anything, but that's so cliche. You live in my…read more
So what's all this talk about? I don't think you are for real. To give up hope after you've gone so far would put you right back where you were yesterday. And you don't want that, Do you? Stop trying to force things. You know that you were never…read more
I'll get over this, There's no need to talk about it. As soon as you are gone I'll start to make myself forget. Just go.. There's really nothing left, you don't have to stay here (at all) I misunderstood your intentions here. There's still time…read more