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Lyrics and music by Brian Vaughn.
Guest guitar solo by Karl Ridgeway (0:38 and 1:14).


Oh little girl won’t you tell me what you were looking for when you came to this place?
You’ve got friends, but not many of them like to be seen.
Oh silent night won’t you give up on your vow and just speak your mind?
I’ve known people like you before,
But not many of them ever make it out of here.

If you think you’re an exception then you’re probably wrong.
It’s so easy to be blinded by the fact,
That you’re always looking out-
From the only eyes you ever really think about.

Oh my darling, tell me something I don’t know about the future or about our love.
I’m afraid of any true commitment.
Of my intentions I won’t talk.
Oh this hour shouldn’t find me still awake
There is nothing good that I could do or say.
But I will put myself in this position over and over again.

When friends become a problem there’s something wrong.
Sometimes it’s easier to look the other way,
But it won’t change anything in the long run.

Oh this hour.
Oh little girl.
My intentions.
I won’t talk.
Oh my darling.
Oh silent night.
Just speak your mind.
I’ve known people like you before.

lgh's avatar
lgh said

Killer! Piepod LG

Billy Jack's avatar
Billy Jack said

nice melody and vox, great song

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

I hadn't realised you had a new one up - I forgot to click follow last time (sorted now lol)... jaraimondimusic turned me on to this one. With him all the way - why ain't you signed? What is the world at? They could sell this stuff... Hell, if I had a record company I'd be sending the boys round... Superb song, superb arrangement, superb singing... superb.

angie fights crime's avatar
angie fights crime said

needs a more moving bassline but I like it.

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Professional sound. Beautifully constructed with Lyric and instrumentation.

Lady Jane's avatar
Lady Jane said

Great sound! x

Guest said

I'm rapidly becoming a fan. Very tight playing and production.

Rick Phillips's avatar
Rick Phillips said

Right on Bri - great stuff!

Guest said

Excellent song writing! The vocal perfectly backed by the guitar timing. Great guitar playing and vocal too. An all round super track guys!

Raimondi Custom Guitars's avatar
Raimondi Custom Guitars said

I dont get is crazy if you are not signed...just your voice alone should have radio airplay all over it! Bri you are what is current....F american idol and the voice...the real talent is right here....great song...again.

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