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Tied to Your Smile

boy named bri

Theres something I would share with you, if you ever asked me to.
Perhaps it is a secret, perhaps you already know.
Im not the boy you look for now, but I could change.
Im not in love with myself, but I think I am with you.

Lets find a road weve not been on and drive until were far away.
We could almost have a fresh start, and make some better memories.
Lean the car seats back. Pretend to listen to the radio.
But I couldnt even name the song.
Im listening to you.

I know we cant hide from the past,
But maybe for a little while you could hold my hand?
And if you really care,
Help me find myself tonight.

I see myself for what I am,
But sometimes in my dreams I still forget.
And the air has never tasted sweeter than with you by my side.
Your kindness draws me into you, but its my hopes that keep me tied-
Tied to a heart I hope will always beat for me.
Tied to your smile.

And in a short while, you may see that Im not who you think I am.
But I promise I will always try.
I promise I will always sing for you, my love.


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