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At All

boy named bri

I’ll get over this,
There’s no need to talk about it.
As soon as you are gone I’ll start to make myself forget.

Just go..
There’s really nothing left, you don’t have to stay here (at all)

I misunderstood your intentions here.
There’s still time for you to make your big escape.
You played by the rules of the game,
Cross my heart.

But oh..
I’ve given all I have.
There’s really nothing left here (at all)

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A Bit More Better Productions said

yeah fair play.. hooked from a couple of seconds in. love the lyrics, and the effect on the vocals at the start. and then.. well, explodes. incredible quality.. especially in three weeks! cf my tripe for what us mere mortals manage!!

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Andrew Russe said

Wow! Big sound. Mighty fine

From your profile I’m getting the impression you’re a one man band - if so, this is a stunner - I’m really impressed with the “band” sound you’ve created.

Excellent arranging/playing of the guitars.

Guest said

Wow, am glad you found your way to alonetone! This is awesome stuff. Looking forward to hearing the rest of your album - can’t believe you did this for RPM, wow!

Guest said


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