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Woody Guthrie's America

Cave Street

Uploaded .

This is my submission for Akron/Family’s “Woody Guthrie’s America” Project.


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Will I Ram said

some but not many Fl Studio effect plugins and my voice of course ;)

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Cave Street said

Thanks, Trevor. Sometimes I feel like all my stuff sounds the same, so it's nice to hear that!

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Trevor Lewis said

Love the diversity of your sounds!

Guest said

nice cover!

Guest said

Real good....

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Wildgeas Music said

Damn Don't know how I missed this? I might have a go at it. Better late than never :)

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another cultural landslide said

Nice, very nice! Tell your kids - we'll send lyrics to "old" soon! We got a real kick out of their question about "just remember i'm santa clause :) And, thanks for the kind words :)

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kirklynch said

Great vocals man!

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Johnny Stone said

Great vocals man I dig your sound very pleasing to the ears.

Guest said

This is an exceptional vocal, Michael...

Guest said

Ah Michael, the voice! What delivery!

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