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Against the Midnight Sky

Colleen Dillon

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The other night I was sitting out watching a little fire in my backyard, and thinking about how useless it is to let the past dictate our present and future. This one is dedicated to all of us with relationships in our history that have no place in our lives anymore…

Grateful to the wonderful Greg Connor for his guitar, bass and help mixing/mastering!!

Against The Midnight Sky

Verse 1
Sitting out at midnight
Staring at the sky
The stars are masked and hidden
No twinkle for you and I

Verse 2
Those nighttime bats are flying
Devouring what they find
I hear their wings above me
I hope the blood’s not mine

Stirring up the heartache
Left by you and I
Can you see me down here
With the tears I cannot cry
Can you heal my heartbreak
With a whisper that says goodbye
Or are you just the clouds
Against the midnight sky
Or are you just the clouds
Against the midnight sky

Verse 3
We had a life of trouble
Sparks blew into flames
Stars burned out to black holes
There’s no one left to blame

Verse 4
We’re so far apart now
Nowhere else to go
It’s time to let the past fade
No one left to show

Repeat Chorus

© July 2020 - Colleen Dillon, All Rights Reserved

slkrell's avatar
slkrell said

Wow you all killed me I am bowled over Great mix so clear

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Wow! Beautiful song! Better send this one to Carl. Just to set the record straight, Yes, I played guitar and bass on this, but Colleen mixed it after we had a brainstorming session on how to do it. Nice Mix Colleen!

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

WOW, this one is gorgeous. Song and vocal fabulous. And Greg's and playing and production isn't too shabby either!

Ron's avatar
Ron said

Your singing just keeps getting better and the chorus...and great playing and production Greg!!!

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