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Dying To Save My Soul

Colleen Dillon

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This one is still a bit rough, but I wanted to share and see if anyone has an interest in adding some guitars, bass, other vocal parts for fun. I left the chords in the lyrics below, in case you wanted to collaborate. I hope you enjoy it!

Dying to Save My Soul

Verse 1:
When C I was young and Am listening hard
To the F stories the preacher would G tell
All the F fire and brimstone he Dm could spew
I thought F sure - I’m going to G7 hell

But then C he cried if you’re Am mostly good
Live F Right! Don’t cause too much G harm
You can F get to heaven when you Dm clear your soul
In the F place called Purgatory C Farm

Verse 2:
And C now I’m grown with my life Am half blown
Troubled F times and a few heart G aches
I know my F soul’s got a few Dm black marks
But I’m F hoping to catch a G7 break

I’m C standing here at the Am fork in the road
Pearly F gates or the fires of G hell
I’d be F glad to pause at Dm Purgatory Farm
Before my F soul bids a C farewell

When I C look up I try to see Am heaven
But I F feel much closer to Dm hell
If the G way out of Purgatory’s Dm paying dues
Then I’ve F banked more than I can G7 tell
When it’s C time to bargain with my Fadd9 maker
On my Am chance for early F parole
I’m gonna G have one hell of a F story to sell
Cause I’m G7 dying to save my C soul

© 2016 Colleen Dillon. All Rights Reserved.

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said


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4barrelcarb (4BC) said

Nice! enjoyed!

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Ron said

Your voice is getting better and better Colleen I love this one a lot really good lyrics

Guest said

I would love to add a few twiddles on this great song but I don't have the luxury of spare time at the minute. Stands up very nicely on it's own.

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Johnny Stone said

Rough Raw Great

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Greg Connor said

One after another . . . Strong lyrics and a great melody. Excellent! I see you decided to put Laural & Hardy's version out of its mystery. Good choice. We were making it much more complicated than it needed to be.

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