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I Did

Colleen Dillon

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I read recently that the term “gaslighting” was the number one search in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary this year. So this song is dedicated to all of us who have stood up to that over the years… especially my very besties… you know who you are!!!!

I Did

Verse 1
I couldn’t see I was worth it
Cuz that gaslight burned so hot
I knew I had to split
and some say that I quit
It’s hard to stand up
Against what’s taught

I had to get away… So I did
No one understood… But I did
My life was there to save… So I did
I did, I did, I did
I did, I did, I did

Verse 2
You had to be bigger than me
That’s what your youth had taught you
Finishing first
had to make me last
It wasn’t my way
to have fought you

So when you wonder if you’re worth it
Look right in that mirror and smile
The spark inside you burns brightly
No gaslight can be seen for miles

© November 2022 Colleen Dillon all rights reserved

Eternals's avatar
Eternals said

I'm stalking your music. You've progressed so much since we collaborated.

Eternals's avatar
Eternals said

Playing the Uke now? Awesome. I built one last year from a kit. I wanted to see if I was interested. I'm a learning boy :)

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thetworegs said

You did and it was great

oldfolks2's avatar
oldfolks2 said

First class song , a Big ' Well Done ' to all who stand up to Bullies .......

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Greg Connor said

Outstanding and thought provoking. Gaslighting has permeated our society lately and finally it looks like some of the people responsible might be getting the recognition they deserve.

Guest said

Another beautiful, meaningful song. Colleen. Love you much? Mom

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Wayne Webster said

Inspiring and very moving song, Colleen. I have some friends who have been through this disturbing experience of gaslighting. I will get them to hear this song, and I know they will love it!

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Ron said

Excellent lyrics and singing!!..Love the chorus

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