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One of four tracks I did for the August 2009 24 hour challenge. This was the last track I did, and it shows.

I was pretty tired after finishing 3am chill, and had to mess round for ages mangling loops and trying out different things before getting even slightly inspired. The tempo drops represent me almost falling asleep while doing this.

Guest said

I second that, this is my favorite of yours...the beat is cool!

Guest said

i like when u slow the beat around 1:35 and then immediately speed it up...very nice vibe man!

Guest said

This is such a great 24 album - I can't believe I didn't fave it all last year!!!! What was I thinking? I guess I was knackered! Hearing it properly now, with some distance from the madness, it's tight, clever, classy, and cohesive. Just so cool!

Guest said

This definitely makes for a good outro. Nice work!

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Chris McGrath said drums could probably do with some tweaking and variety, my creativity was spent at this point :) Have left as is so I can compare like for like the next 24 I do. Thanks for listening!'s avatar said

i can feel the vibe of wanting to go to bed, especially in the bpm-changes. i think the drums are a bit loud and present(could also be my system - listening on laptop now) and pretty monotonous.

Guest said

Still great!

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yelyah said

Really enjoyed all of your 24 hour creations. Congrats for finishing the challenge!

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mmi said

the tempi changes are genius!

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Chris McGrath said

Thanks for the comments everyone! Glad people have liked this because I nearly couldn't stand it when I finished it. It was so much effort to get it done at that time in the morning. It's funny that now that people others have listened and found something in the track I can go back and listen less critically.

Guest said

This is so clever! And you captured the madness of 24 perfectly! I wanna go to bed too.

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glu said

the tempo changes are totally melting my sleep-deprived brain..seriously.. !!! It's making me fall asleep... aptly named tune there!! You captured it perfectly. congrats again.. great job!

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dougsparling said

Nice, nice, like it. I think I need to drop the guitar a bit and get back into some other stuff.

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kirklynch said

Wow- very cool stuff!

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Mr Sandbags said

Great 24hr album octo!

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Mr Sandbags said

Trippy, reminds me of days long gone :)

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